Dingbat 2.0 Publication Essays

Joshua G. Stein & Thurman Grant

Barbara Bestor
Deeply Superficial: Excavating the Dingbat from the Art and Architecture Canon

Aaron Betsky

The Sign of Id: The Dingbat that Conquered Los Angeles

James Black and Thurman Grant
Field Guide to Dingbats

John Chase
Apartment Living Is Great: Lesley Marlene Siegel

Dana Cuff
Subdivision: R1 and the Dingbat

John Southern
A Critic’s Response / Dingbat 2.0 Competition

Joshua G. Stein
The Veneer of Nostalgia: Dingbat Life in Slums of Beverly Hills
[The Veneer of Nostalgia was featured in Mas Context’s 2014 Issue ‘Ordinary.”
The essay is available here

Steven A. Treffers

  • The Embodiment of Speculation and Regulation: The Rise and Fall of the Dingbat Apartment
  • Dingbat Production

Wim de Wit
Behind the Facade: Judy Fiskin’s Dingbat Photographs